Thurs. 7/7/16 – Q&A with Dr. A – Episode 3

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Questions answered during this episode:

  1. Can you explain the Budwig fat protocol?
  2. What do I eat during my intermittent fasting protocol?
  3. I have terrible constipation, very hard stools. I’m forcing myself to drink lots of water, eat applesauce, bran, prunes. I’ve tried everything and nothing’s working. Can you help me out?
  4. If grains are bad for breakfast, what do you recommend?
  5. Are protein isolates dangerous?
  6. Do I ever recommend using sunscreen and if so, what kind?
  7. My mom is 70 years-old and severely disabled in the spine due to arthritis. Will chiropractic care help her?
  8. When eating out, can I assume that lamb, bison and elk are grass-fed? Or is there some other way to know?
  9. My Vitamin D levels are very low (14 to be specific). My daughter gave me Vitamin D2 at 5,000 units once a week. Is this safe?
  10. Is it possible to take too much coconut oil and MCT oil together?
  11. How long should you detox? Is it an everyday thing or is it just seasonal?
  12. If I take a supplement that says on the bottle “take 2 per day,” is it better to take them at once or at different times during the day?
  13. Love your show. I’m wondering what the catch is. After all, no one gives away anything for free. I would like to receive the information and know what the catch is.