EMFs: Your Health & Chronic Disease Formation

By Dr Ernst
December 20, 2021

“EMFs slow our brain waves down and affect our long-term mental clarity. We should minimize our exposure to EMF as much as possible to optimize our brains and prevent deterioration of health!” – Dr. Eric Braverman, MD (Author & Neurosurgeon)

Do you remember the days before iPhones, Tablets, WIFI, Bluetooth & 5GLTE etc.? As the world continues to advance technology, we are also increasing the number of electromagnetic fields one encounters. While these devices make our lives “easier”, they are also linked to various chronic health issues. The medical ICD-10 diagnostic book now contains “EMF Syndrome” (W90.8XXA) which carries the following symptoms:

– Headache – Fatigue – Sleep Disturbance – Muscle Aches – Pain
– Tingling Sensations in Arms/Legs – Rashes – Gastric Upset – Infertility

The World Health Organization tells us that EMFs are everywhere. These energy fields negatively impact our bodies, by interfering with our own highly sensitive electrical systems. People react to EMFs in different ways, some experiencing no symptoms at all (although the effects are still occurring).

EMFs Damage The Immune System – Affecting Your Health

Simply put, EMFs trick the immune system into thinking the body is infected with a virus. This places a chronic stress on the immune system because while there is no direct viral threat – your bodies think there is! Other studies show that EMF exposure activates dormant viruses in the body. Dr. Klinghardt of the German Health Institute, believes that just seven minutes of phone radiation can be enough to activate dormant Epstein Barr viruses which have been connected to chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, thyroid, adrenal disorders and even cancer!

Since a depressed immune system struggles to produce antibodies, it’s often very difficult to fight against infection. What’s more, in addition to reducing white blood cells, EMF can cause shrinkage in the thymus gland, which is responsible for the immune system, maturing white blood cells. EMFs can also lead to the reduction of red blood cells.

This means that patients begin to suffer from reduced platelets – which are the substances required for clotting. On top of that, a lack of red blood cells can also lead to iron deficiency. Another study found that when exposed to acute EMF exposure of a 10 min phone call, participants experienced bruising at higher rates when their skin was challenged. Iron needs to bind to red blood cells to move around the body. If iron is not bound, it provides a food source for infections and can even be converted into an inflammatory molecule called Ferritin (which has related to heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and other inflammatory conditions). Infecting microbes can physically consume the unbound iron as a means of survival. This is the reason we never recommend supplementing with iron directly – it can worsen/feed chronic/dormant infections!

What Can You Do About EMF Exposure?

Ultimately, most experts suggest that the link between EMF and chronic disease is significant. That means that if you want to overcome a case of chronic disease (lyme, diabetes, heart disease cancer etc) your first step will be to limit your exposure to EMFs as much as possible.

With so many different sources of EMF in the world today, it can be very difficult to lower your dose to nothing. However, just because you can’t avoid EMF entirely, does not mean you are unable to reduce your exposure.

If you are living within a city or suburb, the chances are that you are exposed to many different EMF sources each day. Both indoors, and outdoors, you are exposed to electrical signals. If you have a lot of wireless devices in your home, it could be helpful to switch to wired technology. Corded solutions emit lower amounts of EMFs, and help you to reduce your exposure. Although it often feels more convenient to buy wireless equipment, the dangers can be significant.

Other ways to reduce EMF exposure include:

• Do not sleep with your cellphone. 44% of people sleep with their cellphone within an arm’s reach which leads to constant exposure to EMFs during the night. Try to keep your cell phone as far away from you as possible whenever you aren’t using it and put it into airplane mode every night.

• Do not allow your children to use cellphones. Younger people are typically more prone to EMF problems. The brain of a child is less developed and protected than that of an adult. Their skulls are thinner, meaning that EMF penetration is easier. Try to hold off giving your kids a phone for as long as you can and make sure it’s shielded with a Safe Sleeve phone case and Defender Shield accessories.

• Minimize the use of anything wireless. You may think it’s not possible to avoid wireless internet, but you should limit your exposure to anything unnecessary. Reserve your phone/computer for online time for only the important needs. Turn your WIFI router off when not using it and certainly every night when you are asleep!

• Understand EMF sensitivity: Ask the people around you to limit their use of EMF devices when possible. Explain that you are sensitive to electromagnetic frequencies, and their use of certain devices could damage your recovery. The people who care about you should be willing to change their habits to help you recover faster.

• Don’t carry your cellphone in your pocket. Sometimes, you can reduce your exposure to EMF waves simply through changing habits. Keep your cellphone in a bag or purse when you’re moving around. This will create some distance between the device and your body. Remember, cellphones emit EMFs even when you’re not using them to text or make calls.

• Use wired devices. Rather than connecting via wireless, use an ethernet cable if your computer has one. Though wireless devices can seem convenient, they can also be dangerous. This applies to your headphones too. Defender Shield makes a Zero EMF Air Tube set that sound better than dangerous Bluetooth/wireless headphones

• Daily grounding. Grounding helps the body to “discharge” any accumulated EMFs from the day. Simply stand outside on the grass/dirt barefoot for 30 min or purchase a grounding sheet or mat help to make this a daily habit inside while sleeping or resting around your home. Dr. Ernst personally uses and recommends the TrueRife mattress grounding sheet – which allows you to ground yourself daily as you sleep.

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