The Psychological Game to Control Your Health

By Dr Ernst
May 25, 2022

The Name of the Game

Your health is being hijacked. Your health is being influenced. On so many different fronts. Have you ever noticed it? If not, that is because it’s by design.

The “powers at large” are looking to change how perceive your own health and entice you to make certain decisions.

Most of this is made up by the media. I don’t mean made up as in “fake”, but worded and scripted specifically to get you to think certain things. It’s the ‘fear of missing out’ mentality.

If you do not join in on this product, or do this thing for your health, you will not be as healthy as everyone else who is doing it. Or even worse, you are being sold a lifestyle goal. By “having this” or “doing this” for your health, you can do these things that really matter in your life.

Sound familiar? Like the side article on this page says, we at Cornerstone Health Center want to help you achieve the deeper goals in your life too. But you know that we teach health from a different perspective.

So, it should come as no surprise why “your health” can become so confusing. There are two sides, two thought processes, fighting to control the narrative in your mind.

How can there be opposing sides to the “health” argument. How can one advertisement preach that “You need to get this product to protect you and your loved ones”, yet another news article or source say the exact opposite?

Who is trusted and/or telling the truth? What really is the best option?

The short of it is this: there is no easy answer. There could be a place for most things related to your health in some capacity.

Of course, there are certain things that once you do them, they will change your health opportunities forever! And not for the better.

I won’t list specifics, but given the last few years, you can guess what I am referring to?

Make the Numbers Make Sense

In 2020, big Pharma collectively spent $6.58 Billion (with a B) on marketing for medications, vaccines, etc. In 2021, Pfizer alone spent $2 billion on its vaccine advertisements for the C-19 shot.

That was a 10x increase in spending from 2020! This is only one example. The important concept to grasp is that this constant barrage of “health” information, which has been in our eyes and ears for decades, has slowly allowed for certain thought processes to become the norm in your brain and in our society. 

But wait, what about the two sides to health argument? That is what is so psychologically devastating!

Politics can help to prove this point. There are two dominant parties, which polarize the political landscape at all times.

How can people of one thought process be right but the other side be right as well? How can those perspectives fit in to the overall narrative and dictate what political decision should be made?

Often times the answer is much simpler than the various perspectives offered, but because of the polarity of the political topic, debates become arguments and neither side wins.

A lot of the time spent with no action taken by either side, or brazen and harsh actions taken as sides react to each other. The establishment wins again. They have tricked you into anger and inaction (or over-action), instead of love and action.

The same can happen with your health. We all have an inborn intelligence that governs our life.

A new born has 100% of that innate intelligence, which is why their patterns of nerve interference are so direct; their bodies cannot hide it, the interference must be expressed.

As adults, we have developed this complex educated brain (thanks to the school of hard knocks and our direct educations) and this education constantly looks to overpower your innate intelligence.

Example: You have to use the bathroom, but it’s inconvenient. So, you mentally hold it for a few hours. WHAT?!? Your decision keep urine in your bladder longer than innate wanted, you re-absorb toxins all so you can be a create of convenience. Your educated brain overpowers your innate brain which always causes a negative reaction to your health!

Your Journey Towards Healing Must Resonate With YOU!

The bottom line – kudos to those of you who have make the decision to TAKE CHARGE of your own health. With all of the mis-information/propaganda out there, it’s never easy to know what the best decision is to keep you heading on a path of healing.

I’d like to throw in my own brief thought – growing up I thought that germs were bad, the sun was bad, sugar was fine to eat as much as wanted, and that I should simply wait for something bad to happen with my health, go get some fix for that problem, and then continue living my life.

Boy was I wrong! But I was conditioned by all of things mentioned in this article. My family was conditioned. My community was conditioned. We did not know any different. One of my biggest accomplishments in life is being able to change my own ego, my mindset, and accept a different way of thinking.

One that no-one told me to do, or forced more to change. I made the decision all on my own to view health as an inside-out job. One that is physical and also spiritual, meaning there are parts of healing that are known and parts that are unknown.

Through this, my own healing has been profound. I am now my own doctor of health. And even though I will never achieve 100% health, I still believe we should shoot for 99.99%.

In this life, I look to express my inborn, innate intelligence as best as possible, with as little of my educated intelligence getting in the way/interfering. After all, why would God create any of us without the opportunity to heal and thrive and connect more with him in this mortal frame?

We are proud at Cornerstone Health Center to always empower you to become your own doctor, and seek out your own answers as to how you can continue healing.

Remember, everything you do in life is either helping you head towards health, or head towards disease. The choice truly is up to you.

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