Wow! The Miracle Of Your Body

By Dr Ernst
December 16, 2015

The human body is a truly wondrous thing. The more you study and scrutinize it, the more it confounds and surprises you. The way the eyes of the vertebrates functions–particularly primate and some bird eyes–is orders of magnitude more complex than we are able to understand as a species.

The function and inter-relation of the body’s many organ systems, the operation of the whole, the duty of the many types of cells, the fact that everything has a job and, on some level, knows what its job is. It’s all fascinating, humbling, thought-provoking and beautiful. Just a few fun facts to wrap your head around:

  1. Did you know that your brain weighs three pounds?
  2. It holds 100 trillion bits of information in a lifetime.
  3. The brain has 100 billion nerve cells.
  4. If you put the information that your brain can hold over a 70-year life into encyclopedias, they would stack 442 miles high.
  5. Your bone marrow produces 8 million new red blood cells per minute.
  6. Each footstep you take places three times your body weight on that foot.
  7. You walk 77,000 miles in a lifetime.
  8. Every 7 years your body completely replaces itself.
  9. When you take a bite into an apple, it turns into skin, heart, lungs, kidney cells, etc.
  10. You could circumnavigate the globe twice with the length of the blood vessels inside of your body: 60,000 miles worth.
  11. Messages via nerve impulses between your brain and the rest of your body travel at a staggering 250 miles per hour.
  12. Human muscles are several times stronger than we realize. The limits to our strength are more a matter of the limitations of joints, tendons and ligaments. That’s why humans can perform seemingly miraculous feats during an adrenaline rush. Your body over-rides these limitations and your muscles are given a chance to show their true potential.
  13. A healthy human could beat any animal on the planet in a long-distance running competition.
  14. Human bones have roughly the same strength as granite.
  15. (One for all the artificial intelligence proponents out there.) The human brain performs 3.8 quadrillion (that’s one bigger than trillion) operations per second. The fastest supercomputer at the time of writing could do 33.9 trillion per second. That’s less than ten percent of the human brain.

And the million-dollar question is, “And you don’t think that your body has the ability to heal from the flu, cure the common cold, recover from cancer, heal itself from liver failure and correct asthma?” When you truly know the facts of the human body, it is absurd to think that you need a drug, a pill or a potion to cure something when the body has the ability to do the things it does, all created from two cells: a sperm and an egg.

We must become wowed with our bodies, mesmerized by the concept that our body not only created itself, recreates itself and all healing comes from the brain. When one is in total touch with the fact that his or her body is amazing and will heal itself from all disease when given the chance. At that point, we can start taking control of our own health. As long as we make proper chiropractic adjustments that remove the nerve interference to the human potential, get proper sleep, drink proper water, eat a balanced diet and exercise, the miracles in your body will explode.

The innate intelligence of the human body knows more in one second than you could ever know, no matter how much you think you study or you think you know. The innate intelligence of the body has been building and running millions of bodies for millions of years. Educated men and women will never find the cure for sickness and disease because they are looking in the wrong place.

The cure for all sickness and disease is from within. Get yours within expressing itself at 100 percent, and your life will change spiritually, physically, financially, emotionally, etc. Get the big idea, and all else follows.

The AskDrErnst mission is to help you avoid unnecessary human suffering by changing the practice of health care through the 5 essentials: Healthy mind, spine, nutrition, exercise and detoxification.  With that mission comes a calling to tell as many people as we can about nature’s innate wisdom for health placed in our bodies.  We take our mission very seriously, and we’d like to help you. Listen to our show for info on our next event. Come to a dinner, seminar or attend a webinar. 80 percent of what we offer in terms of information is free and designed to help you get well. Because that’s what it’s all about.

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