Chocolate Mint Ketogenic Smoothie

By Dr Ernst
May 15, 2017

Make this amazing full fat smoothie to help keep you in ketosis.

  • We recommend a vegetarian or whey protein powder* to get your essential amino acids needed for protein utilization – build healthy cells, muscles and tissue.
  • Mint aids digestion and will help ease any nausea associated with your detoxification efforts.
  • The greens we chose provide a wide variety of minerals and B vitamins.


1 cup full fat organic coconut milk

1 scoop organic vegetarian protein powder

1 T raw organic cocoa powder

1/4 tsp mint extract or 3 leaves fresh mint

¼ C  organic spinach

¼ C organic watercress

¼ C ice


Put all the above ingredients in your high velocity blender and mix until all the ices cubes and greens have broken down. Enjoy!

*For our  patients that scored high on the acidophilus markers in your urinalysis we recommend avoiding the whey protein and most dairy during your cellular healing protocols.

**For our patients that are low on certain amino acids we suggest the vegetarian protein powders in your plans.

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