Pineapple Tepache (Fermented Elixir)

By Dr Ernst
July 11, 2022


1 Fresh Pineapple

4.5 Cups Water

1/2 Cup Piloncillo (or coconut sugar)

1 Cinnamon Stick


Combine the water and piloncillo in a pot or large 2-quart mason jar. Stir to dissolve the sugar. If you are using piloncillo, it will take longer to dissolve; stir the water occasionally with a wooden spoon and break the piloncillo up as it softens.

Cut the top and bottom off the pineapple then peel the pineapple – save the peelings and place them in a stock pot with the cinnamon. Cut the fruit, saving the entire core, and place the core in with the peelings. Cover with “sugar water” and let sit for 36 hours covered with a towel.

It should look “frothy” if it is fermented, strain the liquid into a pitcher then refrigerate. Serve over ice.

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