BIOTOXINS – An Infection Worse Than Bacteria or Viruses

By Dr Ernst
December 7, 2020

Every so often I have a consultation call with someone who says “I have been everywhere, tried everything, had every test you can imagine and no one can figure out why I have my condition.” Once I hear that I immediately begin to think about biotoxin induced illness. As soon as I ask these people “have you ever been tested for mold, lyme, yeast, Epstein Barr virus, endotoxins, heavy metals etc” I often hear “I have not!”

It shocks me that we have an entire medical profession that knows so much about acute infections (bacterial, virus and even parasitic) yet they know so little about biotoxins and their equally as dangerous cousin, biofilms. Its quite possible that if you are reading this its because you are searching the internet looking for answers to your health and you either stumbled across this article or you found it directly due to the words that follow. Either way, there is hope and yes, your unresolved health issues might be caused or aggravated by biotoxins you have not yet addressed.

What are biotoxins/biofilms?

Biotoxins are hazardous organic substances that can cause significant damage to your health. Most people are exposed to biotoxins through living or working in buildings that have become contaminated with mold(water damage) or though interaction with an insect (mosquito, spider or tick bites).Other ways to come into contact with biotoxins include ingesting contaminated food or water or inhaling airborne biotoxins.

Mold illness, yeast overgrowth, Lyme disease, and other biotoxin illnesses are on the rise in the United States (it’s estimated that Lyme results in 300,000+ new diagnoses annually!). Homes and most buildings are made out of of wood and paper (drywall) which is vulnerable to water damage and moisture. These water-damaged indoor environments are a breeding ground for mold and create mold illness. Yet most people are unaware that mold is hiding in their home or don’t take the problems seriously (I have even had some clients say they saw mold on their walls and simply painted over it!)

Exposure to a biotoxin may lead to acute or chronic symptoms, depending on the length of exposure, the potency of the biotoxin, your personal health, and other factors. If you’ve been exposed to a biotoxin, it is important to address the issues early on during the acute phase, if possible, to reduce the risk of chronic consequences. The longer the problem is untreated, the more complex symptoms you may develop, making diagnosis and treatment more complicated.

Most Common Symptoms:

  • Chronic fatigue Headaches or migraines
  • Muscle pain
  • Joint pain
  • Sensitivity to chemicals
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Digestive problems
  • Medical Diagnosis That Is Unresponsive To Treatment

What Is A Biofilm?

Biotoxins have an incredible habit of hiding from your immune system. They can do this by changing their state-Lyme for example is initially a bacterial spirochete. When it is being attacked by your immune system (or even initial antibiotic therapy) it can morph into a cystic state (which is immune to the bodies defenses and is also antibiotic resistant). The conversion from bacteria to cyst will result in the persons symptoms improving as it appears the infection has cleared, yet the cysts are dormant and can convert back into their bacterial spirochete form later on.

Mold does something similar, the only difference is it isn’t the mold that is the problems-rather the mycotoxins secreted by the mold itself. Your body’s defenses will treat the mold like an infection/allergy-releasing its defenses and clearing you form the mold-but during this attack the mycotoxins are released(as if via a survival mechanism) and they can attach to organs, including your brain, where their effects can last months to years-even decades in some individuals.

A biofilm is simply a protective covering that all biotoxins produce. Think of it as the film that collects on hot chocolate or a pond that has become stagnant or the plague that accumulates on your teeth.

Solving Biotoxin Induced Health Issues

Like any natural approach, understanding the root cause is important and testing (which is different than traditional medical testing) is required. Its also common for a client to say “but Dr. Ernst I had (mold, lyme etc) tested and it came back negative”-I understand, you passed the medical tests, but what about functional? What about biofilm testing?

Testing To Consider For Biotoxins

  • Mold: ACLA IgA / IgG / IgM AGA IgA / IgG / IgE, DNAD Test, Myco M7 Test, FID2 Test, Myco-3 Oil Test, Kinesiology Muscle Testing.
  • Lyme: Lyme IgM/IgG, Serum Western Blot, ELISA, MTHFR Genetic Test.
  • Candida: Serum IgM/IgG, Urinary d-arabinitol, visual exam of tongue/stool in morning.
  • EBV: Serum IgM/IgG, EBV Nuclear Antigen.

If you are seeking help with a condition that is unresponsive to convectional medical therapies or believe a biotoxins or biofilm may be the root of your health issue consider schedule a free 15-min consultation call with Dr. Ernst to discuss your case. You can do that by clicking THIS LINK to be taken to his consultation call schedule.

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