Celery Juice Fasting Beverage

By Dr Ernst
January 4, 2021


1 Day: 3-4 Bunches Of Celery (24-48 Stalks)

2 Day: 6-8 Bunches Of Celery (48-96 Stalks)

3 Day: 9-12 Bunches Of Celery (72-144 Stalks)

4 Day: 12-16 Bunches Of Celery (96-192 Stalks)

16 ounces of juice is the average amount of celery juice you will get when juicing 1 bunch (9-12 stalks) of celery.

Recommended Juicer: Auger/Masticator as this will slowly “chew” the celery and extract the most amount of juice per volume.


Turn on your juicer (auger/masticator or a standard vegetable juicer).

  •  Run 1-3 stalks of celery through the juicer slowly, extracting as much of the juice as possible. If you are using an auger/masticator juicer you can run the pulp through the juicer again if desired.
  • Drink in 16 ounce servings throughout the day. A 1-day fast may be 3-4 glasses. A 4-day fast may be 3-4 glasses daily for 4 days. Have fun and enjoy the changes that come with celery juice fasting (weight loss, energy, bowel cleansing & more!)
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