Himalayan Salt Sole’ (Structured Water)

By Dr Ernst
May 10, 2017

To make structured water follow this recipe and use the resulting sole’ concentrate in your daily drinking water supply. By divine design, salt is the only food/element that is absorbed directly into the cells in its primal form; it is a building block of life, essential to human cellular health.

Himalayan pink salt is extremely rich in minerals – containing all the basic elements we need to thrive, according to “Water & Salt – the Essence of Life” by Dr Barbara Hendel.

Historically this beautiful pink salt has been used in this manner to supply native peoples of Tibet and India with high frequency mineral supplementation.

Surprisingly, the atomic structure of salt is electrical, not molecular in nature. Energy of the sun was trapped eons ago in the cubic grid structure of all salt crystals on earth. This sole’ procedure releases the stored charges of light and heat into the tetrahedral shaped water molecules by force. After this ritual, you can create ionized and structured water crystals, enabling flawless penetration into the cells of your body.


  • Glass jar with a lid (1 quart wide mouth mason jar is perfect)
  • 1 C of Himalayan salt (You can also use 2-3 rocks of Himalayan salt)
  • About 1 quart filtered water (Reverse osmosis ideally)


  1. Fill the jar with the salt granules, or place rocks in the jar.
  2. Add filtered water to the jar leaving about an inch of air at the top.
  3. Put lid on and shake the jar to mix contents. If using the rock form, no need to shake the jar.
  4. Leave in the sun/moon to charge for a full 24 hours – getting as much energy exposure as possible. This helps structure the water more thoroughly.
  5. The next day, shake the jar to mix and charge the water with your energy, and check on the progress.
  6. If there is still salt crystals on the bottom of the jar, the water has reached full saturation, and is ready to use.
  7. If the water is clear, then add 1 Tablespoon more salt, and continue doing so each day until some crystals remain. This means that the water is fully saturated and ready to consume.

To use: Mix 1 teaspoon of Sole’ into a glass of water every morning at rising. Using metal utensils will kill the charge of your sole’, beware when stirring. Use a wooden spoon to prepare your super-charged water.

Note: Make sure to keep the  Sole’ concentration at room temperature – it lasts indefinitely because salt is a natural preservative. More water can be added as you use it up. Make a new batch as you run low to stay healthy.

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