Versatile Quick Coconut Bread

By Dr Ernst
August 3, 2017
Looking for something that feels like bread in your mouth, but is grain-free and ketogenic?
This is the quickest and easiest bread to make for many occasions, whether it is for sandwiches or as a sweet pick-me-up. The batter can be used in many ways, and lends well to daily “bread” needs and wants.


1/2 C Organic Coconut flour

1/2 C Xylitol (sweet version)

1/2 t Himalayan salt

6 Large eggs

6 T Butter

1 t Baking powder

1 t Vanilla (sweet version)


1 t Himalayan Salt (savory version)


Sift dry ingredients together until blended.
In a separate bowl, combine wet ingredients, making sure to whisk the eggs first.
Pour batter into a buttered bread or souffle pan,and bake at 350 degrees F for 30-40 min.
Version 1 :  add 1 t Cinnamon and 1/2 ginger with 1 T organic molasses
Version 2 : add 2 T almond butter and 1 T raw cocoa powder
Version 3:  pour into a bread pan  for sandwich bread
After 10 min. of baking, brush some melted butter on the crust and sprinkle with Himalayan salt and mix of small seeds on top (poppy, caraway, fennel, sesame, pepper, etc…)
Version 4: Pour batter into a shallow pan (like the bottom of a broiling pan) and make into a foccacia (pizza) – top with garlic, veggies and cheese
Version 5: Pour 3 T batter to make individual buns, onto a cookie sheet, spacing 3 inches apart for growth. Bake for 15-20 min. Brush with butter the last 5 min of baking.
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